Role of Physical Therapist in Prevention and Treatment of Postpartum Depression Disorder: A Case Report.

Woman at the ninth month of pregnancy.

Woman at the ninth month of pregnancy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hello Everyone!


I hope you all are doing well.. My DPT has finally finished and in my last semester I did a case-report writing/thesis on Postpartum Depression Disorder. Postpartum Depression is not directly related to physical therapy treatment, however, its consequences are!


My thesis will help not only the people with Postpartum depression (PPD) but will also help  the health care professional in identifying their roles in our community. In the second slide of Case-management you shall see you postpartum can affect physical therapy treatments of the underlying pathologies or symptoms related to it.


I once again thank you for encouraging my work and let me know your suggestions and thoughts on the thesis work. I plan to send my thesis to APTA Conference (American Physical Therapy Association )if possible as my area of thesis covers a vast aspect of the roles of healthcare professional in identifying the postpartum depression disorder.


Your thoughts and suggestions are highly appreciated!


Thank you!


Please find the slides below




Role of Physical Therapist in Prevention and Treatment of Postpartum Depression: A Case Report.


Postpartum Depression: A Case Management.



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