Effects of Food, Nutrition and Obesity on Global Health Care.

 Hello Friends, 

I hope you all are doing well. I have made a presentation for my last class of Global Health Care. My presentation includes some very important and basic information about effects of food, nutrition and obesity and its impact on Global Health Care system. 

I am going to post a link here for you all to check it out. Hope you guys like it:-) As always suggestions are always welcomed. Feel free to write me at SwetaChristianPT@Gmail.com for any personal comments, suggestions  or ideas. If you like me to make a presentation on any particular topic than feel free to post that in the contact form or directly email it to Sweta@PractisingPT.com

Effects of Food, Nutrition and Obesity on Global Health Care.

Thank You Everyone! Also do let me know your suggestions:-)



  1. It’s highly unfortunate, but these big-wig pharmaceutical companies love when people are unhealthy, because without it, they wouldn’t have the pills, creams, and shots to give out as much! Thanks for sharing and doing this study:))

    1. I definitely agree with you. However, although it is an utter fault of the big pharmaceutical companies, I still think that parents should need to focus on their kids eating habits. Some days ago I noted that a 10-12 year old kid was eating two double rolled cheese burger at McDonalds. As this was not enough his mother was forcing him to eat the fries too. Not the mention that the kid was already obese. I felt he looked cute but then all of sudden I felt pity for him.

      At this age if kids start gaining weight and becoming overweight they are going to harness all kinds of metabolic diseases. Not to mention that kids now have childhood diabetes secondary to increased BMI and obesity., This is ridiculous!!!

      I did a little research and found out some amazing information as below,
      chools lose money every day because it costs more money to prepare meals than the reimbursement they get from the federal government. In 2008, the government increased the NSLP subsidy to schools, to $2.57 per meal per student, but the cost to prepare the lunches rose to $2.88. And while schools that purchase foods directly from the USDA receive an additional 20 cents per meal, they’re still at an 11-cent deficit. That amount might seem trivial, but multiply it by the 29.6 million children participating in the NSLP and it comes out to a daily nationwide deficit of $3.2 million. For perspective, a middle school with 1,000 students would be $19,800 in the hole after just 1 year. ( Bornstein, 2008).

      And as a result in order to cover the deficit the schools have instead turned to offering “competitive foods.” These items aren’t part of the NSLP. They include foods of minimal nutrition — which can be sold in vending machines, school stores, and snack bars — as well as foods that don’t meet other USDA guidelines but that can be offered in the cafeteria (Bornstein, 2008).

      Obesity in children is a very big problem. I still consider that parents should give and provide homemade food and green vegetables to their children in their lunch boxes than allowing them to eat in the school’s cafeteria.

      Thank You once again for taking the interest and stopping by to leave a very valuable comment.
      Thank you..

      Bornstein, A. (2008). Why are schools selling junk food to kids?. Men’s Health (10544836), 23(9), 158-134.

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