The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Thank You Olufunmilola Adeniran so much for awarding me The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I really appreciate for nominating me for this award. This gives me more strength to keep on writing about my profession and educating people and helping them out.. Thank you so much once again dear.. Lots of love<><><>


  1. Display the award logo on your blog
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. State seven things about yourself.
  4. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for this award and link to them.
  5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.


1) I love my Jesus who gives me power and strength for each and every day and blesses me with abundance. I love that Jesus is always by my side.

2) Family matters the most for me and I love my parents , my hubby, my brother and my in-laws a lot. I am a happy-go lucky person. I don’t like to fight and I love to live in harmony. My dad is my Immortal Superman.

3) I am an Indian Native residing in United States. My name is Sweta Christian and I am married to Ranison Macwan on Nov 1st 2011.

4) I am a Physical Therapist by Profession and I am also pursuing my Post Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy at Utica College.

5) I am a simple girl who has a dream to open an old age home for poor and lost senior citizens  and name it after my grandfather John Christian. I was very much inspired through him for my whole life and I love him so much. I lost him on Jan 1st 2001.

6) I own two websites, one on the blogger platform and I love to have everything in multiples and doubles due to my Gemini Nature.

7) I believe in Sun signs and horoscopes and I am a big fan of Linda Goodman Love and Zodiac Signs. I don’t follow but I love to read. I always read about my hubby who is a scorpion.

My Nominees are: Sorry was hard to select 15 so I selected the bloggers whose blogs I love the most.. Stephan is very generous once again and he wants me to give the award to somebody else.. Here is my nominee


  1. sweetly :)

    1. Thanks Sweetheart:-)

      1. ;)

    2. Thanks Sweetheart:-)

  2. You surely are a kind and gentle spirit, Sweta. I look forward to visiting India, then Spain in the near future. Thanks for filling up my chest with lovely awards. I appreciate.

    1. Thank You my dear Uzoma.. Whenever you visit India you are most welcome at my place:-))… Let me know when you are visiting there.. You don’t have to rent a hotel, you can be a member of our family in India..

  3. thank u so much :)

    1. Brittany Alexander · · Reply

      Thank you so much! :)

      1. You are most welcome!!

  4. O my God! Thank you so much for the very generous offer, Sweta. I picture a very happy stay with your Indian family, hopefully get to know some of the basic things about your people in the process. I am always fascinated by Indian dances…a few dance steps will help my bones.

    So, I will definitely let you know when am ready.

    1. You are most welcome dear.. Of course you can learn dance and get some beautiful dresses for your gf or your wife. India is a land of culture and you will find many different caste, creed and religion. I hope you will enjoy!! Definitely let me know:-)

  5. You deserve this award, Sweta. I truly hope that your wish to open an old age home for the poor and lost senior citizens will work out soon. Interesting to read that you read horoscope, especially Scorpio which happens to be my wife’s, as well. But I don’t read it. You get the hang of the nature of Scorpio as we go by through the days. :-) Now you are a Gemini – I read somewhere that marrying one Gemini woman is like living with two different wives. However, if you do manage to blend with her at the mental, spiritual as well as physical level, you will be introduced to a woman full of passion. Well, this is what I read. I have never been able to experience it personally. Jo :-)

    1. hahaha.. You are absolutely right about Gemini Jo. Gemini’s are versatile (not that I am praising myself) but they are also fickle minded creatures. My husband always tells me that sometimes he can feel my nature not in doubles but in multitudes. Geminis always know how to differentiate their attitudes as per the crowd. I am glad I am Gemini. However, Gemini’s are hard to understand because they never want to stick to one place, one kind of routine bores them and they are always looking for challenges, whereas, on the other side scorpions are down to earth and stable. Also Geminis are very good at gibbering and blabbering and can easily forget things. On the other scorpions are nitty-natty, likes a routine, needs everything to be in a proper way. Scorpions have lots of emotions just like the surface of the sea but then everything is so deep and bottled up. They do not easily open up unlike geminis. Also when it comes to forgiving remember scorpions rarely forgives and forget if you have injured their deeper side. Self dignity is one of their most precious thing and they don’t spare you if you hurt their dignity. I love being married to a scorpion because I am a gemini I am like an air sometime here sometime there (my thoughts) but scorpions helps to calm down and become stable. Scorpio-gemini is a air-water relationship. Just like air by moving on the surface of the water can cool it down its the same way. Scorpio and gemini can produce sparks and storms in the relationship but need to handle it well. …

      I read a lot so I can definitely write a book on that:_)))

      1. My God, what an explanation! The best astrologists in India will pale before you. Your comments on Scorpio truly match the Scorpio that I know of. :-) Now that I can visualize the Gemini, what do you think of my Capricorn?? Jo :-)

      2. Aww:-))) Thank you.. Actually I know my husband from the past 3 years and than we got married. So I know all the tricks of a scorpion… What I described to you was about My Man.. He is the exact copy of a scorpio.. If I hurt him he venoms me back:-)) and that also with equal or greater strength.. but then I am a gemini and I don’t care!!
        Speaking of capricorn, my dad is a capricorn and I must say a proud capricorn he is. Capricorns are an ideal money savers. They don’t like to spend here and there. They are not spendthrift but then they are not miser either. Money is their biggest assets and they love to spend it on people whom they love and care for. Sometimes they can even go to the extent of spending more on others and never caring about themselves. Capricorns love their Moms.. and when I say moms I say that undoubtedly because they thinks Moms are their ideals of life. Capricorn are slow to act but they are long way horses, they will climb the highest mountain of success but at their own pace. They are also very religious and generous. They have a forgiving heart but then when they get hurt they don’t like to show. They do cry often but in a place where no body can see them. They are an epitome of simplicty, they would never hype about what they have unless you can find it out by yourself by looking at their clothes and way of living. They are passionate about buying antics. They are very very down to earth, never build castles in air and when they love someone they love more them more than themselves. They love to buy outfits with tint of fashion but look out their outfits are never vulgar.
        They love discipline in whatever they do and are very strict with their children. Capricorns are very soft at heart and they get easily hurt.

        I hope I described YOU:-) This is my Dad’s description…..

      3. Thank you, Sweta. Jo

      4. You are very welcome Jo..

  6. Thank you for nominating me. You definitely deserve this award.

    1. Thank You my dear.

  7. Dear Sweta,

    Thank you so much dear friend! Thank you for all your support on my blog as well as on my FB page! I appreciate that so much! I am sorry for being late for the answer. Right now I am going to add the award you nominated me in my awards’ list with great pleasure. Again sorry for my late answer.

    Congrats on your award as you deserve it trully!
    Please chek out my awards’ list! I mentioned your award and expressed my appreciation! Thank you!


  8. Thank you for nominating my blog. I don’t even have the words to express how surprised and appreciative I am. I’ve got tears in my eyes!! Your writing and knowledge certainly deserve a nomination. I do so enjoy your blog. Again, THANKS!!! I feel so giggly :)

    1. Thank You my dear.. You really deserve it.. Thank you:-)

    2. Thank You my dear once again! Go ahead and brag about it.. enjoy ))_(

    1. Thank You my dear

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