Blog of the Year 2012 award

My sincere gratitude to MissFluxNews for awarding me the blog of the year 2012 award.

Blogs nice fire / Blog Of The Year 2012

16DECEMBER201222 comments

by fluxnews in Blogs just nice


To receive this distinction exists a set of rules that you leave here:

 1. Select blog blogs that will receive the award in 2012.

2. Post an article that nominate blogs (there is no minimum or maximum allowed) and give them the prize.

3. Include a link to this page: ‘Blog of the Year 2012′ Award - , noting the present rules in your post – do not alter rules or prize banner!

4. Notify author of each blog that you give them the prize and split rules

5. You can join the Facebook group created for this award – gives “like” the page that you can access here (link to item 5), thus being able to share your blog to a wider audience

6. Add a link to your blog person who handed the prize and prize upload banner to your blog, continuing collecting stars (maximum is 6).

My Nominees are.  Stephan is very generous and asked to pass on this award to somebody else. So here is my nominee

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