Are NSAIDS the cause of birth-defects?

Hello, Everyone! Just a brief video is attached below to give you an insight of what I am going to post today This post is going to be in brief about the Functional limitations reporting (FLR) in Medicare which is now mandatory in order to get reimbursed for the service provided. We  PTs already know […]

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Hello, Everyone! Wow, I really know that it has been pretty long time I made my last post. I am extremely sorry to all my dear bloggers for not posting anything since last one year. I was so busy and occupied with my work, moving to a new place, new job and studies that I […]


Hello Friends, I just made a new blog I specifically made this new blog only for Physical Therapy  content (mostly power-point presentations) which are easy to understand and fun to watch. I have uploaded a nice power-point so be sure to check it out. The power-points shows some interesting facts on using the Wii Games […]


Purpose of this post: Business Purpose: When, Why and How should we bill for 97112? (97112 is the CPT code for Neuromuscular Rehabilitation (NMR) Second Purpose of this post: Physical Therapist Focus: Impact of NMR and its usefulness for the patient undergoing physical therapy. Few days ago I got a patient with ankle sprain injury. […]


PATELLO-FEMORAL PAIN   SYNDROME. Patello-femoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS), a common cause of anterior knee pain, is successfully treated in over 2/3 of patients through rehabilitation protocols designed to reduce pain and return function to the individual (Waryasz & McDermott, 2008).  Applying preventive medicine strategies, the majority of cases of PFPS may be avoided if a pre-diagnosis […]


 Hello Friends,  I hope you all are doing well. I have made a presentation for my last class of Global Health Care. My presentation includes some very important and basic information about effects of food, nutrition and obesity and its impact on Global Health Care system.  I am going to post a link here for […]


Hi Friends, Here is a sweet and a short presentation on Muscular Dystrophy. Make sure to check it out.

Hip fractures and delirium in geriatric population. Case-Study: Mr. N is a 63-year-old male admitted to the hospital 6 months ago. Mr. N sustained a hip fracture while navigating stairs at home. Mr. M reports that he was conscious and alert while he sustained a fall and he was immediately admitted to the emergency. Mr. […]


I was contacted by Jack Collins from the Academicearth.Org about a very interesting video. The video stated some useful points about multiple vaccinations in a short period. Jack Collins has narrated some interesting facts on the website and I am going to link that below. I would also suggest watching the video before reading my […]

Stress Shattered Glass Word Cloud Concept

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a type of anxiety disorder that is induced in an individual after they have suffered from an experience that is psychologically traumatizing. Often associated with soldiers and returning vets and thought of as “shell shock” in the past, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not isolated to just participants or victims […]


  Hello Everyone!   I hope you all are doing well.. My DPT has finally finished and in my last semester I did a case-report writing/thesis on Postpartum Depression Disorder. Postpartum Depression is not directly related to physical therapy treatment, however, its consequences are!   My thesis will help not only the people with Postpartum […]


Jewel (2011), states that differential diagnosis is a method used by doctor and health care professionals to find out the alternatives to particular signs and symptoms and to explain the patient the reason behind it. Jewel (2011), also states that the conclusion of the differential diagnosis can be obtained from the patient’s clinical background, history […]


Hello friends, How are you all? I know its been such a long I haven’t posted. I was so busy with my school and work. But Yay! I am going to graduate on May 19th! At last a relief! I hope you are all doing very well. I always get notification of you all liking […]

Do you have Varicose Veins? Are you on birth-control pills?. Know the facts about Birth-control pills.

Whenever one mentions the provision of infertility treatment in developing countries, the reaction of the people is almost unanimously negative (Pennings, 2008).  The more one believes in the cultural construction of infertility, the more one will believe that infertility should be tackled not by treating the infertile but by targeting the ideologies that cause the […]


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is an important cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide (Menezes, Perez-Padilla, Jardim, Muino, Lopez, Valdivia & Hallal, 2005). Menezes et al. (2005) states that COPD cases are often underdiagnosed and undertreated, resulting in underestimation of the burden of this disease. Despite many advances in modern medicine, mankind’s old adversary tuberculosis […]

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